The leader of the Muero people. He has been leader for over thirty years and, at seventy, is considered extremely old for a Muero. He is rather large for a muero and his skill in battle is second only to his son Primaag Lotraag. He would like peace for his world, but he knows that can never be as long as the Dysori have not been conquered. He has sworn to conquer their world before he is replaced as leader of his world.

It is an honor to die in the service of the Motann-Raxx. (I Die!) No excuses. Give me victory or your life! Our new technologies will only increase our chances to defeat all our foes. - Motann-Raxx (Reinforced Armor) First we enslave the humans, then we destroy the insufferable Dysori. - Motann-Raxx (Master Planning)