Mummies are undead creatures that have been preserved, typically by ritually preparing the body and wrapping it in bandages. They usually rise to thwart grave robbers and explorers.

Mummies typically have some magical abilities. Fear auras are common.

Noted Mummys

AkhenatenMummy (World of Darkness)The Sun PharaohWorld of Darkness
AmamMummy (World of Darkness)the DevourerWorld of Darkness
KherebutuMummy (World of Darkness)World of Darkness
Nephren-KaMummy (World of Darkness)World of Darkness
QetuMummy (World of Darkness)the Evil DoerWorld of Darkness
TutuMummy (World of Darkness)the Doubly Evil OneWorld of Darkness
Vess SwifthandsMummyShadow Era

Subtypes and Variants

Mummy (World of Darkness)World of Darkness
Salt MummyDungeons and Dragons Settings

Mummy (BloodRealm), Sparring Mummy