Takeno is Konda's top general and the commander of his samurai forces. He is one of the most trusted and well-known warriors in the land.

"Do not let a single shaft loose until my word. And when I give that word, do not leave a single shaft in Eiganjo." -General Takeno (Hail of Arrows)

The hound sniffed the air and let slip a low growl. General Takeno looked down at the faithful Isamaru and calmed him with a touch. "Alert the men. The kami are coming." (Isamaru, Hound of Konda)

"We are trapped. The mountains and blinding kami storms have made us hopelessly lost. We are starving. In the name of all things sacred, please, send help . . . ." -Lost Battalion, final message to General Takeno (Unearthly Blizzard)

"After General Takeno found the Oathkeeper amidst the bamboo marshes, more scavengers braved the swamp's nezumi, oni, and kami in hopes of glory." -The History of Kamigawa (Rag Dealer)

"I do not care if he claims no allegiance in this war. Find him, Takeno." -Lord Konda (Isao, Enlightened Bushi)

"We've stumbled upon a network of caves not on our maps. We can only hope it is safe to spend the night." -Lost Battalion, message to General Takeno (Ore Gorger)

"Rise like the sun, stand like the mountain, charge like the lion, die as a hero." -General Takeno (Day of Destiny)

"General Takeno glared at us as if we were the enemy. "The day is not over yet," he shouted, "and unless you have a nezumi's heart, you will stand and fight" -Battle of Akagi River: A Survivor's Tale (Call to Glory)

"Watch over my father. Tell him I'm safe, but I won't come home until I find out how to bring him back to his senses, and Kamigawa is again at peace." -Michiko Konda, last letter to General Takeno (Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker)

"We camped near the Sokenzan Mountains. Though I know its inhabitants are sparse, I hear cries coming from the highest peaks every night, as if the mountains themselves bellow for vengeance." -Lost Battalion, message to General Takeno (Sokenzan Bruiser)

"In every other mind, the battle was lost. General Takeno alone was not touched by despair. Drawing his blade, he was attack and rallying cry in one." -Battle of Akagi River: A Survivor's Tale (Soul of Magma)

At night he perfected his aim, shooting spiderwebs by starlight. (Takeno's Cavalry)

"I can post only the most honorable and strong-willed samurai to defend your stronghold. I have seen what can happen to lesser men." -General Takeno, letter to Lord Konda (Blind with Anger)

"None of you are yet samurai. Defend your homes with honor, die for your cause, and perhaps then you will be worthy of the word." -General Takeno (Indomitable Will)

"We are recalling all forces from the Takenuma Swamp. We lose men daily to kami attacks, and it seems our defeats only encourage them further." -General Takeno, letter to Lord Konda (Swallowing Plague)

"We received an anonymous letter suggesting that Kumano holds a secret to defeating the kami, but he is nowhere to be found." -General Takeno, letter to Lord Konda (Nine-Ringed Bo)

"We arrived at the battlefield too late. Again. Another error on your part, and you will have to answer to me personally." -General Takeno, letter to the imperial mapmaker (Uproot)

"No sooner had the beast collapsed under the blows of Takeno's sword than the earth rippled and the creature rose again to face him." -Battle of Akagi River: A Survivor's Tale (Strength of Cedars)