Murasa is a country/continent on Zendikar. Surrounded by towering cliffs, Murasa is continent of jaddi-tree forests, deep valleys, and steep ridges. Vines and other vegetation wind through deep valleys, up cliff walls, and down into dank, half-lit caverns in the earth.

The island continent of Murasa is a vast, steep-walled plateau that rises sharply from the sea. Although smaller than other continents of Zendikar, Murasa conceals an incredible diversity of environments hidden behind its sheer, stony cliffs. Inland from these cliffs, the land drops off sharply, wreathing Murasa in an irregular "wall" of mountainous cliffs. The largest break in this wall is the Sunder Cove, an enormous, tide-wracked bay clotted by the massively trunked harabaz trees.

The interior of Murasa is a rugged landscape of steep, windy hills and precipitous jungle valleys. The most notable exceptions to the interior elevation are the Skyfang Mountains, the Na Plateau, and the canyon lands of Kazandu.

There are four main means used by inhabitants of Zendikar to reach the interior of Murasa: Sunder Bay, the Cliffs of Kazuul, Thunder Gap, and Glint Pass.

"Something down there has an appetite for what we're standing on. Let's hope it doesn't want seconds." -Samila, Murasa Expeditionary House (Fissure Vent)

"Goblins are cheap, but be careful. It's a lot easier to steal from a corpse than a customer." -Samila, Murasa Expeditionary House (Goblin Shortcutter)

"He asked if I had work for him. No wasn't the right answer." -Samila, Murasa Expeditionary House (Nimana Sell-Sword)

"Petrifying gaze, deadly fangs, knifelike dorsal spines, venomous saliva . . . Am I missing anything? . . . Toxic bones? Seriously?" -Samila, Murasa Expeditionary House (Daggerback Basilisk)

"Murasan hurdas were too aggressive to tolerate a harness, so we put them on guard duty. Now the bandits can't get within spitting distance of us."‚Ä® -Bruse Tarl, Goma Fada nomad (Battle Hurda)

"This one is only a yearling, but it would be wise to move away before we provide it with excellent hunting practice." -Samila, Murasa Expeditionary House (Stomper Cub)

The forest floor of Murasa is home to life as diverse and vibrant as that of the canopy above. (Loam Larva)

Geographical Features in Murasa

NameGeography Type
Cliffs of KazuulCliff
Glint PassPass
Na PlateauPlateau
Pillar PlainsBadlands
Raimunza RiverRiver
Skyfang MountainsMountain
Sunder BaySea
Thunder GapCanyon
Vazi RiverRiver

Cities in Murasa