Nar is a frigid arctic land eternally dominated by snow and ice. The wintertime snows accumulate in massive drifts, and even the tepid summers do not melt all of the ice. Only rarely can the vast tundra be seen; for most of the year the few stands of lonely pines, and a solitary mountain provides the only landmarks in this forbidding land.

Nar is covered in ice and snow. Huge glacial sheets of ice cover much of Nar, and even form icy caves in some of the hills. Stands of pines grow frequently in the southern half of Nar. The glaciers of Nar have not had significant time to carve out the underlying terrain, but much of Nar is still covered by rough terrain under the snow. Glaciers cover much of Nar, both as continental ice sheets and alpine glaciers. Natural ice caverns frequently form within these great sheets of ice.

The solitary mountain Cyl lies near the center of Nar, and generally forms the boundary between the northern and southern Nar. In fact, Cyl lies close the the Moonlands' arctic circle, so the region north of Cyl suffers the long nights and days of the polar regions. North of Cyl, the ground never thaws, and there are no stands of plants at all. It is just vast stretches of ice and snow. Even Narans avoid this area - mostly because they find it boring.

In the southern reaches of Nar, where the seasonal variation is significant, the snow and ice sometimes melt enough that one can reach the underlying tundra during Nar's brief summers. Occasionally the glacial ice will break off into the sea, forming icebergs. Of course, unwary travelers also might discover a patch of thin ice over one of Nar's many lakes.