The forested realm of Naroom is a land of towering trees, deep secluded pools and abundant mysteries waiting to be unraveled within its shadowy green recesses. The forests teem with creatures great and small, physical and dream. The magi of Naroom live in harmony with the forest creatures, and the Dream creatures generally live harmonious lives.

A deep, lush woodland, Naroom is quiet and peaceful. The towering 3000-year-old trees reach high into the sky to protect their land beneath their canopies, filling the woods with emerald light. In the fall, the forest erupts into a riot of color, and the leaf drifts can be as deep as twenty feet.

The trees of Naroom are thousands of years old (most dating back to the founding of the Moonlands, at least 3000 years ago). Light filters in, tinted by the verdant growth, and the canopies are vast. Naroom citizens construct their buildings directly into the great trees, carefully tending them during construction to ensure the tree continues to thrive.

In the fall, the leaves erupt into a bold variety of color. Ranging from golden yellows, brilliant reds, and even purples, the leaves fall, burying the land below. The piles of leaves - the delight of every Naroom child - can sometimes reach as high as 20 feet. Fortunately, the leaves - like the trees themselves - are infused with a bit of Moonlands magic, and decompose rapidly over the winter.

Cities in Naroom

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