Although Naroom does not sit at the geographic center of the Moonlands, the Naroomese have made great efforts to remain the cultural and political center. They invite people of all races to visit them in their forest homes (even the Calders, if there's been a lot of rain lately) in an attempt to keep communications open. The Naroomese specialize in plant magic, creating powerful creatures from seemingly innocuous vines and shrubs.

The Naroomese are a fairly mellow people. They live in lush, green woodlands, which lends peace and tranquility to their everyday life. They are inquisitive, gregarious, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like walking in the trees, taming fweep birds, and eating jellybeans. Their gardeners create dream creatures for beauty, not power. In addition, they have endeavored over the centuries to keep their minds open, the better with which to understand their neighbors. However, not everyone appreciates the Naroomese efforts; other races often complain that the Naroomese act with a quiet superiority, and this is perhaps true. Certainly Naroomese diplomats insist on meeting in Naroom, not because it's central, but "because Naroom is more neutral than other regions". Regardless, the Naroomese persevere, keeping a good face when insulted and not letting their emotions get the better of them when insulted. This last tendency causes many outsiders to consider them somewhat "wooden" but really, they're as passionate as anyone.

Just as Naroom is sort of in the middle of Moonlands politics, so too are the Naroomese people more or less in the middle of the various races. They are of average height and build, although rambling through the woods and climbing the long stairs and ropes of their tree cities keeps them in good physical shape. Their hair is somewhat unruly - you might even say shaggy or bushy - and is normally a bland, neutral color from dishwater blonde to brown. Their eyes tend to the colors of the trees and skies, blues and greens. Naroomese ears are perhaps their most interesting facet. Their ears vary from short and roundish to very long and thin, and are always pointed. They also slope downwards, sort of like some of the creatures that inhabit the Naroom woods. Overall, though, Naroomese never really look like they're misfits in any region, but then, they don't necessarily fit in, either.

Naroomese believe very strongly in living in harmony with nature, or at least they profess to do so as they build their sprawling tree cities. Nonetheless, they display their idealism by dressing in earth tones, primarily forest green and a variety of browns, with gold and red often used for a splash of color. Their clothes are simple, comfortable, and utilitarian, well suited for their idyllic lifestyle. Naroomese are very fond of the natural look, and go to great lengths to cultivate a casual adornment of leaves magically enchanted not to wilt.

Naroom has an orderly social structure. Youngsters are taught to respect their elders, and obedience is the expectation. Naroomese believe their ancient traditions uphold all things Naroom, and are as venerable and immutable as the gigantic trees that support their cities (in fact, Naroomese parents use this analogy with their children quite often). In spite of this structure, Naroomese society also encourages individual growth and development. Just as trees each have their own shape, so too should each citizen. To this end, Naroom cultivates a sincere appreciation for art and gardening for its own sake, and many spend hours a day trying to make their cities even more beautiful.

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