Banshee Net’s most prominent operative is the sardonic, quick-witted Nathan Sparks (codename: BEDLAM), a veteran of the original CIA program from which his movement grew. Among the most hands-on of his breed, Sparks never shies away from a chance to “stick it to the man” — he was, in fact, the figurehead force behind the Banshees’ dissemination of discreet government secrets. Unwilling to settle for the world in which he was born, Sparks’ every move is a calculated, if caustic, step toward a greater, unseen goal. He complains about the world a lot, but he never talks about the ideal in his head, almost as if he’s afraid that if he describes it, then it won’t come true.

Or maybe he’s afraid that it will.

Whoever's behind this doesn't seem to care about keeping a low profile. - Nathan Sparks, BEDLAM Maybe that's because he knows it won't matter. - Sir Richard Poole (A.P.B.)

There's nothing like a little well-crafted mayhem. I think that's why Poole and I get along so well. Well, that and our taste in women. (Chaos Bombers)

Hope you liked making the video. I'm sure the world liked watching it. (Blown Cover)

So let me get this straight... You're hackers who hate computers. - Xavier Reed Actually, computers are just the means to an end. Ultimately, even they're expendable. (Computer Virus)

And they say red lights cause stress. (Run Interference)

"Conspiracy begins with crime, Coldwell." (Another Look at the Scene)

The media are so useful. Intelligence gathering, distractions, interceptions... They're the covert hat trick. Seriously, I have them on speed dial. (Media Coverage)

After the Syndicate undercut INTERPOL, we became the preeminent intelligence source about major crime on the planet. Well, except for Pitfall, but they only hunt us. (Banshee Database)

I warned Pitfall what would happen if they came after us. Get Bellows. Tell him to bring everyone. We're gonna have a block party. (Apprehended)

"This is something I have to do, Sandman. BRAINCHILD - and its mission - are yours now. Make Gregory proud." (Sideline Operation)

"I'm your new best friend, Don. I'm gonna win you a spot at the House..." (Desperate Alliance)

"I'm your shadow, Nathan, until this is done." -Vivienne LeVan, aka Hopscotch (Orwell)