Inevitables are designed, constructed, and assigned tasks to uphold various laws. It is unknown who created the first inevitable; even inevitables claim ignorance as to their own origin. But once created, the constructs soon learned the trick of replicating themselves.

Neumannus is one such “factory” inhabiting a small cog. It is a place devoid of regular life, though it is crawling with inevitables at all times. It is a free-floating, clocklike cog wheel some 900 feet in diameter. Tall smokestacks cover both sides of the cog and constantly belch sooty clouds from the fires raging in forges and furnaces.

Inside, chamber after chamber is given over to crystal molds of dizzying variety. Liquid metal is cooled, shaped, and tempered in these molds by special constructs. Finished pieces are assembled and animated in arcane baths of oillike consistency. After a brief shakedown period, the newly constructed inevitable is sent out onto the Great Wheel with its first task.

Tasks are magically encoded on the construct in glowing runes handed down by the Hub of Elders (each factory has its own hub). The elders are several hundred special inevitables that spend their time peering through the cosmos looking for broken laws for which amends must be paid. Sometimes, inevitables bow to other noted authorities of law in the Outer Planes, doing their bidding for a short period.

The Life Molds

Living entities are not allowed to visit Neumannus, or usually suffered even to know its location. However, certain constructs with less moral character than their counterparts allow living visitors access through secret “back doors” and into a mold chamber. This is where inevitables take form, gaining animation. And, with the proper knowledge, it is where biologicals can be subtly modified with machine features.

The Life Molds are a planar touchstone. For those who know its secrets, the life molds may be used to gain some construct-like traits. Once access to the life molds has been gained, the visitor must deliver several quarts of blood, which some inevitables prize for their own reasons, to the construct currently running the secret “life molds” out of Neumannus. Upon payment, the inevitable will enclose the visitor's body in a mold and instigate the special process.