Although their ancestors may have been orcs, ogres and goblins, the terrible Nothrog are anything but primitive. The finest tacticians and group fighters in the Accord, they have seized control of the Southern Lands and taken the city of Baraxton ­ the hub of civilization and once the capital of the human civilization ­ for their own. Nothrog serve their nation in independent legions, fighting together only when they must overpower a superior enemy. Fierce and divisionary, when legions of Nothrog gather for a war, the outcome is always the same: their enemy is crushed, enslaved, and turned to their use.

The Nothrog are a group of interbred races such as trolls, orcs, goblins, giants, and ogres. They have a tribal society based on strength and ability, with the strong rising to the top. Menial tasks such as raising food is left for slaves subjugated from other races. They have mastered the art of warfare, with supreme tacticians, powerful siege equipment, talented battle mages, and hordes of tough fighters. They believe firmly that the best defense is a strong offense

Nothrog are the creators of most siege engines. They developed legions and strategies before any other race, and they have tactics far beyond the military understanding of the other races of the Accord. With the seizure of Baraxton, the Nothrog have become a truly powerful force, and have the strength to back up their demands politically, economically, and with their powerful military.

They are led by a single Nothrog Lord known as Nassiral Hate. An albino ­- and therefore, a sorcerer ­- Nassiral has the powers of sorcery and magic. More importantly, he has the strength of will and charisma to bring warring legions together and force them to comply with his wishes. That alone makes him a terrible force to be reckoned with, and one that many of the other races of the Accord wish to be rid of. Yet on his skeletal throne in Baraxton, Nassiral has only one thought about the other races; he is only concerned with how to rule them.

The Nothrog specialize in group tactics, using every soldier at their disposal to present a unified force. They are known to use siege engines and unusual equipment, keeping their military secrets to themselves. Their sorcerers and clerics are rare, but dangerous ­ good at healing as well as offense, they make an ideal support unit for the Nothrog legions. Still, on the whole, most Nothrog tend to be thieves and warriors ­ scouts and soldiers, ready to give their lives for the legion that has been mother and father to them.

Nothrog Hoodlum

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