The most powerful of Arborian treefolk, the Oak-kin rarely rise from their sonorous trances. Woe to any who unwittingly transgress, and call them from their slumber.


The thunderous footfalls of the roots of oaks always signal an impressive woodland encounter. Oaks are the hugest treefolk of the their tribe, and among the most formidable warriors. When territorial giants squabble, oaks are usually the ones who go and break things up.

Oak treefolk can have a philosophical outlook; they are so big and durable that the small details of life simply don't bother them much. Sometimes oaks take risks that other treefolk see as foolish, relying on their sturdy bark to carry them through the trouble. Oaks are less territorial than other treefolk; they grow so much bigger than any potential adversaries that they don't have to worry about maintaining their own private spaces.

Treefolk and elves share a common interest in the forests, but really the elves just feel at home with the view from above. (Ambassador Oak)

"The brethren shall blaze with unnatural fire, and the flame shall consume and purify our rage." -Treefolk catastrophe myth (Foxfire Oak)

"Roam as you will, your roots remain in the strong earth of your Rising." (Oakgnarl Warrior)

Noted Oak Treefolks

Adair River SpanOak TreefolkLorwyn
AovonOak TreefolkThe Land

Subtypes and Variants

Cloudcrown OakDominia
Foxfire OakLorwyn
Gallows OakEntrath

Oaken Brawler, Sentry Oak