Obox-ob is a huge demon, with a body that is an insane thicket of spidery limbs, scrabbling for purchase wiih razor-sharp talons arrayed around a scorpion-shaped body. Where a face should be writhe three immense tails, each tipped with a jagged stinger that seeps black venom. Where a tail should be is a thick neck surmounted by a horrific face, complete with a vertically aligned mouth and three pairs of leering red eyes that seem horrifically human in shape. From its murderous maw' extends a glistening red tongue, itself tipped with a hollow' spike shaped like a corkscrew.

Primeval and ruinous, the obyrirh prince Obox-ob was once the Prince of Demons in an ancient age, His power is much diminished today, yet his lust for its return grows with every passing second. He is rhe lord of vermin and patron of those who see divinity in their repugnant frames.

Obox-ob once held the title Prince of Demons during the Age before Ages, when rhe Abyss was ruled by the obyriths. He had this title stolen from him by rhe Queen of Chaos, who killed him and granted his title to Miska the Wolf-Spider. Although Obox-ob was slain, his most powerful aspect survived and went into hiding on a deep layer of rhe Abyss called Zionyn. For many eons, Obox-ob lurked here, a shadow withour a true form. In time, he grew bold and emerged from hiding, only to find the Abyss had moved on in his absence. The tanar'ri now ruled, and Obox-ob had been forgotten.

Obox-ob is not content to rule Zionyn and constantly rages across the face of this layer, bringing destruction and ruin to the ekolids who dwell there and worship his fury. Reduced to the Prince of Vermin, Obox-ob wants nothing less than to murder Demogorgon, claim his title, and then cleanse the Abyss of the taint of tanar'ri and return it to obyrith rule. But before he launches this plan, he first seeks to reclaim the true power he held so long ago.

Obox-ob's search for power extends to the Material Plane. On some Material Plane worlds, his cult is quite powerful - he recently almost managed to draw an entire world into the Abyss ro fuel his ascension, but failed at his task when heroes of that realm opposed him by engineering a devastating disruption of the flow of magic at a crucial moment during the ritual. Since this humiliating defeat, Obox-ob has quietly observed his remaining cults, waiting for one to achieve similar chances at success in the future. Until then, these cults maintain a low profile, often basing their activities in ruined cities lost in vast deserts, where they can be close to the scorpions so sacred to his faith.