To the Jeskai, Ojutai is the dragon that best embodies their ideal of cunning. Gliding silently on feathered wings, Ojutai and his brood freeze prey with their icy breath and pick off the weak. When fighting clans, the dragons confound them with patient tactics, waiting for the clans to make fatal mistakes.

Ojutai and his brood are cold-loving creatures that lay claim to high peaks, so the Jeskai carve their strongholds into the mountainsides to guard against attack.

The maneuvers of the Abzan formation intrigued Ojutai in both their complexity and their futility. (Whisk Away)

Dragonlord Ojutai

Ojutai, as leader of the Ojutai Clan, is ancient, insightful, and wise. The truth of how he came to dominate the clan that bears his name has been lost in the mists of history. His own teachings dictate that the other dragons in the brood voluntarily bowed to him, submitting to his age and wisdom. None in the clan dare dispute that claim, despite what some might privately believe.

Known as the Great Teacher, Ojutai spends long afternoons in his roost at Dragon's Eye Sanctuary, holding forth on spiritual and intellectual affairs. His audience consists almost entirely of dragons; others are seldom permitted to have direct contact with the esteemed dragonlord. Lesser beings aren't even trusted to transcribe the Great Teacher's words, as it is accepted that they will never truly master the complexities of the draconic language.

Dogma states that the dragonlord was born in the first storm, already perfect and eternal, ready to impart his wisdom to lesser beings. He is a proud, intellectual master.

"Why eat now what could one day grow into a feast?" -Ojutai, translated from Draconic

Ojutai spends time at all his strongholds, but he most favors Cori Stronghold for his meditation.

Ojutai's words must be translated from Draconic before his students can benefit from their wisdom.

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