A famous eccentric, and bon-vivant, she is known for lavish and elaborate parties. Despite her extravagance, she and her bloodline still remain aloof from the rest of Innistrad, choosing to reside on its far borders.

The progenitor of the Voldaren line, Olivia Voldaren, was in life a beautiful but strange, hermetic, antisocial woman who preferred to live far away from human civilization, in manor homes built for her from her seemingly boundless wealth. Like their progenitor, Voldaren vampires tend to live in the distant places, in the borderlands and edges of Innistrad's provinces. Voldaren elders can more easily master magic that enables them to transform into animal forms, especially those of the bat, cat, and rat.

At Sorin's appeal, Olivia Voldaren summoned the full might of her bloodline to gather at Lurenbraum Fortress.

"No emergency is so dire that it cannot be dealt with elegantly." -Olivia Voldaren

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