This beautiful queen reigns from Glen Elendra, where she gives bloom to all of Lorwyn's faeries. From the safety and seclusion of her meadow, she maintains contact with all of her children, who advance her agenda with pranks and trickery.

Oona is the queen of the fae on Lorwyn. She resembles a large faerie composed almost entirely of flowers. The other fae of Lorwyn are Grigs, buzzing about her in the same way bees buzz around flowers, spending their short lives gathering dreams with which to pollinate their floral queen. Oona's flowers are toxic, matching her dangerous personality and power.

The Queen of the Fae seeks to regain the hold on the world that has subtly slipped from her grasp. The Great Aurora arrived at a time she didn’t predict, and ever since then, things have gotten out of control. She’ll muster all of her chimerical forces, use all of the glamers and tricks she knows, and focus all of her influence to twist events to her advantage. She’s the queen of the faeries, the ultimate force behind every fairytale - and she intends to keep it that way.

Deep in Glen Elendra blossoms Oona, queen of the faeries, nourished by secrets and pollinated by stolen dreams. (Oona)

"So now you've seen Glen Elendra. Take a good look. It will be the last thing you'll ever see." (Oona)

Oona grants her favored subjects a dream from her own guarded heart. (Oona)

"Dreams are fleeting. Reality even more so." -Oona, queen of the fae (Consign to Dream)

Only in dew from Oona herself is there clarity enough to see a victim's mind. (Dewdrop Spy)

Oona's song is like a twisted dinner chime. All the faeries return home, but it is Oona who feasts on the stolen dreams and rumors they serve her. (Distant Melody)

One night Oona bottled the sky. The next night she aligned the stars and released it. (Elsewhere Flask)

Those who displease Oona soon learn the extent of the armies she commands. (Glen Elendra Liege)

The faeries snickered at first. A common hob in Oona's skies? But his lance ended their mockery, and now the sound of a cicada's wings brings a shudder to the faerie heart. (Hobgoblin Dragoon)

Beneath the fae's constant pranks runs a subtler undercurrent of mockery: the influence of Oona, their hidden queen. (Faerie Tauntings)

Untouched by the Aurora, Oona's faeries greeted the night like any other day. (Faerie Swarm)

Protected by glamers and guile, Glen Elendra harbors the elusive Oona, queen of the fae. (Secluded Glen)

A faerie is the offspring of Oona and mischief. (Violet Pall)

Oona, Queen of the Fae

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