In 2195, the Bracius system was on the verge of civil war between the two warring planets of Yashrad and Meagred. Ophidians, being a neutral race in the center of Bracius, were assigned as arbiters in the hopes of avoiding the bloody war set to tear the system in two. The Ophidians ruled that a gladiator match between four of each side's best fighters would determine the succession of power and that a similar event would be held every four years to determine a new leader. They also divided Bracius into two sections, to be reunited at a future point when all tensions would be fully resolved.

In 2196, drawing ratings larger than any other recorded event in the history of both the Bracius and Justich Systems, the first sanctioned Ophidian Match is a huge success, and the Bracius leaders honor the decision. The two Bracius systems are named after the heroes of the match on each side; Septis for Yashrad and Prelumis for Meagred. Septis wins the match and is placed in charge of the combined Bracius council. The Ophidians are honored, and placed in charge of all Gladiator games in the Bracius system and the succession match, which is still held every four years.

The Ophidian Gladiator League is the oldest League and is built on the principals of honor and fairness. Many of the rules practiced to this day are based on the traditions and ethics of that first match held many years ago. Under the Ophidian League are the System Leagues. There are currently eight system leagues (Sept Bracius, Justich, Tarn, Matricc, Leonide, Raskelon, Garina, and Prelum Bracius). Under the System leagues are the Planetary Leagues. Under the Planetary Leagues are the numerous smaller city Leagues.

The Ophidian Circuit winds its way through all the systems in the Ophidian League. Each planet on the circuit hosts a number of events before the League moves on to its next destination. The Ophidian circuit starts at Sept Bracius and ends in Prelum Bracius. During the Coarse of a season the circuit will be run twice, first for the normal season and then repeating for the Champions tour in which all the major events are held culminating in the Playoffs and Championship duels. The Ophidian homeworld of Sysslanth is only entered at the end of the tournament to host the final championship event, unless a special destination is selected instead. No other events are held within Ophidian space.

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