Known simply by her title, Oracle uses her gift of prophecy to aid her people. She believes Gerrard to be the Korvecdal, the one who will unite the people of Rath against Volrath's tyranny. Her only doubt is whether she will be strong enough to guide him to his destiny.

"Faith's shield is hammered out by the blows of unbelievers." -Oracle en-Vec (Clergy en-Vec)

"The soldier's path is worn smooth by the tread of many feet -all in one direction, none returning." -Oracle en-Vec (Advance Scout)

"There shall be a vast shout and then a vaster silence." -Oracle en-Vec (Winds of Rath)

"Peace will come, but whether born of harmony or entropy I cannot say." -Oracle en-Vec (Tranquility)

"The fishers will throw out their nets and draw them back filled with dust." -Oracle en-Vec (Boil)

"Let no child be without a sword. We will all fight, for if we fail, we will certainly all die." -Oracle en-Vec (Youthful Knight)

"While we fought, the il surrendered." -Oracle en-Vec (City of Traitors)

"We have built a wall upon sand. The wall will vanish. The sand will remain." -Oracle en-Vec (Ruination)

"The land shall beg for drink and curse the rain that follows." -Oracle en-Vec (Stone Rain)

"The scourge of Skyshroud is airborne once more." -Oracle en-Vec (Predator, Flagship)

"In a world of untruths, the living lie rules." -Oracle en-Vec (Unstable Shapeshifter)

"Water is firmament to the finned." -Oracle en-Vec (Manta Riders)

"It is not a choice I make, to have this guard. It is the choice of my people, and my duty to them." -Oracle en-Vec (Honor Guard)

"A perfect reflection of its world: brutal, fetal, and lacking truth." -Oracle en-Vec (Krakilin)

"That which knows itself cannot be shaped to another's will." -Oracle en-Vec (Sacred Ground)

"One day the land will don the semblance of flesh and challenge even the plowshare's blade." -Oracle en-Vec (Nature's Revolt)

"Great chains shall free our warriors." -Oracle en-Vec (Zealots en-Dal)

"I hear the roaring of a wave whose waters are red and whose mists are black." -Oracle en-Vec (Flame Wave)

"The path of least resistance will seldom lead you beyond your doorstep." -Oracle en-Vec (Ranger en-Vec)

"Fire cleanses as well as destroys; that is the nature of change." -Oracle en-Vec (Scorched Earth)

"There is a future in which I can see only mist and a single shadow." -Oracle en-Vec (Apocalypse)

"These creatures offer new challenges in the scrutiny of entrails." -Oracle en-Vec (Rats of Rath)

"There will come a time when the voices of soil and seedling will sing only laments." -Oracle en-Vec (Perish)

"The land promises nothing and keeps its promise." -Oracle en-Vec (Wasteland)

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