The Oracles of Rokos are an order of mages that specialize in prophecy and select forms of Elemental and Technomantic magics. For all of the history of the Atlantean Empire, and even the Kosian civilization that pre-dated Tezla's birth, the Oracles had been believed to be neutral prophets and judges guiding humanity through its most difficult hours. The Oracles were well-established in their blackstone tower at Rokos even when they predicted the birth of Tezla more than six centuries ago. They were trusted across the Land as witnesses to the past, judges of the present, and seers of the days to come

it came as a shock to many when it was revealed that the ranks of the Oracles had become riddled by Oathsworn pledging loyalty to the Solonavi cause. Though it is widely feared that there might be some deeper reason for compromising their long-guarded neutrality, it is generally accepted that the Oracles embraced the Solonavi to learn ancient magics that would allow the Oracles to open their minds and reach into those of others. However, as Solonavi have been seen in recent months emerging from some of the mortal mages like spirits leaving their mortal shells, it is whispered that the bond between the highest ranks of the Oracles and their enigmatic masters now goes far beyond mere vows. With the Oracles seeming to be nothing more than Solonavi pawns, a great cry went through the Empire of suspicion and betrayal.

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