Orcus is a massive, bloated demon standing 15 feet tall, his immense frame a hideous combination of muscle and bloated flesh. His head is that of a ram with a great maw filled with tusks, and his thick-furred legs end in cloven hooves. Leathery wings and a barb-tipped all complete the picture of the archetypal demon. Of the innumerable demon lords of the Abyss, dread and vile Orcus, Prince of the Undead, might be the one most often worshiped as a god.

After becoming complacent in his eternal war with Demogorgon and Graz'zt, Orcus was recently murdered and deposed. But then, Orcus rose from the dead - an undead demon - and took the name Tenebrous for a time, hiding in the shadows of the multiverse and waiting to take his revenge. Now he has reinstated himself to his former position and reclaimed his realm Thanatos, and once again finds himself in a struggle tor dominance with many other demon lords.

Orcus is no longer content to grow fat and decadent in his castle. He focuses his anger and hate on the absolute destruction of his enemies and the spread of woe and havoc among mortals. He covets Graz'zt and Demogorgon's realms above all others, and commands a host of undead and demons that ravage entire layers of rhe Abyss at his whim.

While Orcus himself might not be as powerful as Demogorgon, and his realm might be dwarfed by the size of Graz'zt's holdings, Orcus's cult on the Material Plane is in truth his greatest resource. In particular, orcs, half-orcs, ogres, and giants revere Orcus, as do a large number of corrupt and despicable humans. His temples are usually hidden, and his worshipers form secret societies that commit atrocities and wage wars in his name. He demands living sacrifice from his cultists, and blood and skulls are important parrs of the imagery used in his worship. Intelligent undead rarely serve him willingly, although many vampires, liches, and other undead crearures are forced into his service by dark pacts or compelling magic.

Orcus (BVD)

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