Most ol the demons that flock to the banner ot Orcus dwell in this sprawling metropolis, named for the cenrral gate of fire that connects Thanatos to the Pits of Pazunia on the first layer of the Abyss. Their numbers comprise the upper echelon of Orcus's cult, and mortals seldom dwell within the place for long before fleeing to Lash Embrar or any of the more hospitable enclaves on the Plains of Hunger. The cruel demons of Orcusgate often act to thwart visiting Skull Lords, delighting in the cruelty and seeing their efforts as a guarantee that only rhe most successful mortal followers of Orcus ascend the ranks ot demonkind.

Bulky white-skinned winged demons known as zowuts represent what passes for law enforcement in the city, having been created by Orcus himself expressly tor that purpose. Extremely potent servants ot Orcus such as balors and mariliths make up the Council of rhe Riven Ram, a six-member cabal that dictates demonic policy on Thanatos. Members routinely visit Everlost to meet in council with their sovereign lord.

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