When the Last War began, the countries of Ellos and Vozit found themselves in the middle of a brutal war all their own. Their faiths in the Twin Gods had brought them to this point many times before, but never with such a threat looming across the ocean. Arthyle's armies would likely conquer the Gaderi before the winter, and then be upon them with the full might of Layar. Their only hope seemed to be setting aside their differences for a common good, but the hatred ran too deep.

Arthyle's death from the dagger of an assassin, unbeknownst to most to be the Hand to the King of Vozit, saved their countries from mutual annihilation. This left them a cause for celebration, and a moment of respite. A moment that many among their nations seized to form a quiet pact. This pact became a written document known as the 'Writ of Brotherhood', and the group expanded until they gained enough money and clout to buy a large island off the coast of both nations.

Here, on what they called the Brother's Isle, their church was formed. Looking to the ancient texts and translations that had formed the churches of Ellos and Vozit, they found obscure text that referred to them both as one entity: Unaxio. This became the name of their church as well, a group determined to unite the estranged brothers back into one force for the betterment of Balor.

As the centuries passed, the peace between the nations they guarded became tenuous from time to time. Paladins, peacekeepers, and guardians became trained in order to protect that precious peace. A task they never failed in, not once in the thousand years between Arthyle's death and the opening of the Shadow Gates. Thus it was these same people who were turned to for protection against these invading forces.

When the Shadow War escalated beyond what their fighters alone could handle, the followers of Unaxio began to look for a new answer. It was their common faith that had united them in ages past, and perhaps it would be again. They began to search among their nations for a new breed of warrior to take up arms, one who did not share faith in Unaxio himself but faith in any deity. They sought soldiers capable of harnessing these ideals into a fighting power. For this, they created the Order of the Templar.

When the human armies joined with those under their protection, the church continued to bring in their kindred. Having followed Saymeht, the god of retribution and justice, since first being taught of the Seven, Gunther found himself joining with the followers of Unaxio, both in battle and in their new order. His leadership enabled them to bring more legitimacy to their ideals and a new enemy to the Shadow.

Alone, each Templar is a powerful combatant. Together, they will drive back the darkness of the Shadow with the blinding light of their faith.


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Sites controlled by Order of the Templar

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Brothers' Landing
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