Oreskos is the central domain of the leonin on Theros. It lies in a rocky river valley in a remote region of Theros. Here, one can see the old influence from when the leonin were ruled from Meletis. In Oreskos, a smattering of human culture remains from their time under the oppression of Agnomakhos, but the leonin are slowly reverting back to their original nature, abandoning the ideology and culture that have been imposed on them throughout their history.

Oreskos lies beyond the borders of Akros. It and other leonin dens are scattered throughout the rocky scrublands and low mountains, away from the human poleis of Theros. The leonin keep to themselves, interacting with other races only when they must: for trade and, occasionally, for raids.

There was a time, centuries ago, when the leonin worshipped the same gods as their human counterparts, but after the era of the tyrannical archon Agnomakhos, the leonin rejected all human ways in a bitter backlash that has defined their role on Theros ever since. Most revere the hunt and the pride, but according to chronicler Lanathos, some leonin still make offerings to Heliod and Nylea.

Formerly oppressed by the polis of Meletis, leonin occasionally "mistake" their old enemies for game.

"Let the humans have their pantheon. We need no gods to thrive. Even a mortal such as I can capture a part of the sun's power." (Oreskos Sun Guide)

Cities in Oreskos

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