Trained in the Samite arts, Orim serves as the healer aboard the Weatherlight. She is quick with languages and was educated at the same Argivian university as Hanna. A student by nature, Orim keeps a diary of all her new discoveries - both physical and spiritual - during her travels.

Orim is the ship's healer and quartermaster; she handles the day-to-day running of the ship, from keeping an eye on its stores to making sure each sailor is paid at landfall. Although Orim has a slight manner and seems at times to be older than most of the other crewmembers, in reality she is only 25, and hides her beauty and vivacity under an aura of calm and caring. She is adept in Samite-order medicinal skills and also acts as the Weatherlight's interpreter because of her ability with languages. Though she is very giving, Orim keeps many of her views to herself, believing that there is peace in silence.

Orim's character at heart was one born out of spirituality. She was someone who did what she did because it was what she felt she was destined to do. She believes that challenging Volrath is morally vital.

"The silkworm spins itself a new existence. So the healer weaves the threads of life." -Orim, Samite healer

"A sacrifice made in peace is worth a dozen made in panic." -Orim, Samite healer (Serene Offering)

Orim regarded Gerrard coolly. "You are like the drake," she said, her expression unchanging. "It works hard to maintain its position, but to us it seems to glide along effortlessly. You must do the same." (Wind Drake)

"Prayer rarely explains." -Orim, Samite healer (Soltari Monk)

"It is the art of convincing someone to live." -Orim, Samite healer (Resuscitate)

"Flame grows gentle with but a little distance." -Orim, Samite healer (Warmth)

"If they board us we're finished," warned Orim. Crovax nodded. "And if they don't ... what then?" (Respite)

Orim had no memory of the previous night -the first thing she could remember was waking up with the dead guard's blood on her hands. (Arrest)

"I did not choose my role, Orim," said Cho-Manno patiently, "and I suspect Gerrard did not choose his." (Ivory Mask)

As the sludge below began to shift and take shapes, Gerrard turned from the railing to Orim. "I suppose," he said, "it's a little too late for prayer, isn't it?" (Death Pits of Rath)

"As usual, there will be time for prayer only after the worst happens." -Orim, Samite healer (Orim's Prayer)

Orim taught Ta-Karnst and the other Cho-Arrim healers a far less invasive method of healing. (Soothing Balm)

Gerrard offered no defense to Orim's condemnation; the mission was under his command, and he was responsible. (Renounce)

"My medicine bag and I have treated countless wounds and illnesses. But never have I seen so many made so sick for so long. We will never eat Squee's cooking again." -Orim, journal (Medicine Bag)

"Such fuss over machines, Gerrard. Remember that you are the prize of the Legacy. Throw away your toys" -Orim, Samite healer (Shatter)

As Orim put the lightning rod into place on the bow, she cast a spell of protection to shield herself from the heat. That's when the Furnace got personal. (Havoc)

"If this is the cure, I'd hate to see the disease." -Orim (Maggot Therapy)

"Crovax seems filled only with shadows," thought Orim. "Where does his strength come from?" (Giant Strength)

"They share more than their thoughts. We must shatter their link quickly" -Hanna, to Orim (Mindwhip Sliver)

Orim, Samite Inquisisitor

In an alternate timeline, Orim is not a healer, but an inquisitor. Her personality in this reality is that of a zealot.

"It's easy for the innocent to speak of justice. They seldom feel its terrible power." -Orim, Samite inquisitor (Sunlance)

Intuition, Orim's Chant

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