Seldom seen outside of Jukai Forest, these fierce serpent warriors train to use all four of their arms during combat to deadly perfect coordination. The orochi want no part in the kami war, other than to defend their territory and perhaps grow their own numbers.

The orochi of Kamigawa are a race of four-armed, snakelike humanoids that dwell in Kamigawa's forests. Orochi are accomplished shamans, skilled hunters, and dextrous archers.

The orochi group themselves according to their role. The orochi call these groups tribes, though their function is more akin to castes. Some of these are

  • Kashi (Oak) are the orochi dedicated to defending their colonies; they are named for the strength of the oak.
  • Matsu (Pine) are the orochi archers, named for the needles of the pines.
  • Sakura (Cherry) are the orochi shamans. They take the name of the cherry trees that are frequently used in ceremonies.

Orochi Ranger