Beneath the waves, a huge canyon trench furrows the ocean floor, filled with every conceivable formation. These aquatic mesas and caverns teem with life and color, from the huge leviathans that move ponderously through the open areas to the tiny creatures that lurk in the smallest crevices.

The waters off the eastern coast of Naroom and Paradwyn have been tamed and settled by a peaceful civilization of aquatic magi. Their domain is known as the Orothe Deeps. While the oceans of the Moonlands cover 2/3 of its surface, most of the Orothe civilization lies in the Mare Eliwani - the Moonlands Sea. There, deep in a huge canyon trench, the Orotheans have built their cities. The undersea landscape is filled with brilliant aquatic mesas and caverns, colorful coral, and abundant sea life.

The citizens of Orothe live in domed cities, which are close to the heart of the Moonlands. There are also tunnels winding through the various realms of the moonlands, allowing Orothean citizens to journey to other regions far inland from the coastlines. These tunnels also wind towards the Core...

Cities in Orothe