Pale Night appears as a strange shimmering in the air, little more than a billowing white diaphanous sheet. Closer inspection reveals a lithe and seductive form beneath Ihe sheet, a voluptuous feminine figure indistinct and hazy. Now and then the edges of the sheet rise a little too highly on the netherwind, yet never rise high enough to reveal the details that writhe beyond.

Mysterious and enigmatic, Pale Night claims to be the mother of many demon lords - She certainly she is one of the oldest of their ilk. An obyrith who was ancient even during that race's reign on the Abyss, Pale Nighr dwells in a bone castle located on the Endless Maze since long before Baphomet claimed that layer as his own. Indeed, Baphomet's maze avoids a particular stretch around Pale Night's casrle, and he has never openly attempted to influence matters within her realm. Pale Night is also the matron of Androlynne, where she still torments the ancient off-spring of the eladrin host that tried to cleanse the Abyss of the obyrith presence after their defeat on the Fields of Pesh.

Much has been written about this mysterious demon lord. The Mors Mysterium Nomimum claims she is the mother of several tanar'ri lords, including Graz'zt, Lupercio, and Vucarik of Chains. The Black Scrolls of Ahm claim she is the mother of nothing less than the tanar'ri race. Iggwilv's Demonomicon, on the other hand, portrays her not as a mother of demons but as a mother of several notorious and monsrrous Materia) Plane races such as the harpy and rhe lamia. What seems certain is that Pale Night is viewed as a mother figure by not only her culrists but also by many of the denizens of the Abyss itself.

Pale Night's reaction to visitors in her realm depends upon her mood at the time of their visir. Somerimes, she merely sends them on their way. Others she embraces and adds to her haunted gallery of stolen lives.

On the Material Plane, Pale Nighr's cult is virtually unknown. Cultists that do exist are few in number, usually consisting of only three or tour spellcasters who seek ways of introducing horrific new races of demonic terror on the world by impregnating female creatures of all kinds with raw Abyssal chaos. The issue of these births is always a half fiend, and often one with unique and distinctive abilities beyond the norm for their kind.