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The realm of Pangea, the Great Continent, a land where the Power of Magic is alive, and man and beast lived in harmony until...

Ah-Shear of the Scissors-clan stumbled upon the Tomb of Evil, where he discovered the Power Gloves. When worn, the Gloves possessed the mind of its holder, turning the person greedy and power-hungry. Ah-Shear became Ah-Shear the Destroyer, self-proclaimed leader of the Scissors Clan. Ah-Shear then declared war on all of Pangea.

The Scissors Clan drew the Stone and Paper clans into the conflict. At first, the Stone Clan fought to defend itself, but as time goes on, Mallex, leader of the Stone Clan, feels they should rule Pangea. Princess Origami leads the Paper Clan in an effort to restore peace to Pangea.

Pangea is the setting of a Jan-Ken-Po card game, featuring a fantasy setting built around the Jan-Ken-Po (or Rock-Scissors-Paper) game.

Countries and Realms of Pangea (Jan-Ken-Po)

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