Glistening white ice, cracked and scored, lies in a sheet as far as the eyes can see. It's an endless arctic plane, where only frozen crags of ice-locked mounts shatter the smooth sheet and give features to the terrain. It is a place of bitter blizzards, deep snows, and ever-shifting ice floating on a frozen sea. It is a bleak, wintry landscape, worse than even the greatest glaciers of the Material Plane.

Closer to the plane of Water, small patches of open water appear, and the ice eventually breaks into enormous floes and bergs. At the plane of Air, the sheet tapers into fingered bridges and icicles that fade into nothingness. Dig and there's no limit to how deep the ice extends.

Travelers can move about the surface normally and the atmosphere here is breathable. However, it's bitterly cold, and those not prepared for the frigid temperatures quickly perish.