Pazuzu, also known as Pazrael, resembles a tall, well-proportioned man, but his demonic features cannot be ignored. His powerful birdlike talons scrape the floor as he approaches, and four feathered wings shine with oil and writhe with smoke on his back. His head combines the features of a handsome man and a feral hawk, his cruel, hooked beak filled urith a forest of needle teeth.

Mighty Pazuzu is one of rhe oldest ot the tanar'ri princes. His realm is the skies above the Abyssal layers azuzu is a unique example of survival in the Abyss. Originally one of the more powerful obyrith lords, his independence was a constant thorn in the Queen of Chaos's side. As it turned out, Pazuzu has since evolved with the new rule ot the Abyss. While he is still an obyrith, he has been accepted by tanar'ri and represents a sort of "missing link" between the two races. Due to this duality of nature, Pazuzu's form has raken on a less horrible appearance with the passing of eons, and his obyrith abilities have begun to transform into tanar'ri abilities.

Although Pazuzu commands the respect and loyalty of all evil things that fly in the Abyssal skies, he is rarely forced to call upon these creatures. Perhaps alone in the Abyss, Pazuzu has no active enemies. The other demon lords seem to begrudgingly award him the skies above their realms, if only because there seems to be little there to claim. Graz'zt alone has been known to speak ill of Pazuzu, yet he has never raken direct action against him. The one demon lord that could be counted as his enemy is wretched and deformed Lamashtu, although the Queen of Monstrous Births has been imprisoned by Pazuzu on Torremor for countless ages, so she is hardly a threat ro the demon prince.

Pazuzu does not lust for the rule of a realm in the Abyss, although he nonetheless controls the 503rd layer of the Abyss, and his presence is nearly constant on Pazunia. Nor does he wish to rule over his fellow demons. His goals are higher - he lusts tor innocence, purity, and honesty. These sweet nectars are his greatest vice, and as he consumes them, he leaves bitterness, cruelty, and wickedness in rhe shells of those he has corrupted. Since these qualities are so alien in rhe Abyss, he logically has little interest in what dwells therein and instead turns his attentions to the Material Plane. Pazuzu has tested his ability to manifest on Material Plane worlds without drawing the undue attention of the gods who protect them for some time, and in that time has mastered the art of telling mortals what they think they want to hear.

Pazuzu's cults start with a single soul who cries out to the demon prince for aid. Pazuzu gives this aid, and those who call on him grow dependent on his aid. They crave the power his touch can bring. Within a year, those who have called upon him invariably join or found a new cult dedicated to his teachings, where rhey seek to capture and convert new innocents to his vile worship.