Pentex is a multi-national megacorporation, one of the largest in the world, which is also tainted by the Wyrm. Its main agenda is the spiritual, moral and environmental corruption of the planet. It is the main tool on Earth of the Defiler Wyrm and one of the most implacable foes of the Garou.

Originally an oil and mining company, Pentex is now a holding company with a host of subsidiaries covering every industry. Its paper trails are labyrinthine and its directives subtle; few Garou are aware of its true nature, and fewer still have any idea how to combat it.

Pentex has near limitless supernatural resources as well, employing Banes, Black Spiral Dancers, Fomori and, if the rumours are true, even a few Kindred in upper management positions. But while the corporation is certainly tainted, many of its operations further the Wyrm's goals without supernatural assistance through the standard practices of big business. Such schemes are perpetrated by normal humans who are "just doing their jobs," corrupted by nothing more than apathy and despair.