The most learned living philosopher of Meletis is Perisophia, whose skills at logic, rhetoric, and mind magic are so formidable that she is the match for any debater in any forum. Perisophia currently rules as the most senior member of the Twelve, the council of philosophers that serve as the ruling body of Meletis.

"It augments anamnesis. What is so confusing about that?" -Perisophia the philosopher (Mnemonic Wall)

"What we call magic is nothing more than hope crystallized into a destination." -Perisophia the philosopher

The rider set off into the eerie mist, swaddled in armor and laden with amulets. (Traveler's Amulet)

"The sad truth is that the whip of Erebos is long enough to wrap around all our throats." -Perisophia the philosopher (Drown in Sorrow)

"Never forget that the life you've built can be undone by a single loose thread." -Perisophia the philosopher (Fate Unraveler)

"The gods think of us as insects. Perhaps there is wisdom in that." -Perisophia the philosopher (Desecration Plague)