The Pharoahs are immortal humanoids created from glug stock to serve the Eight Evil Sages as viceroys. They have secretly manipulated human history to produce advanced technology, and now are ready to reassume their dominance over the human race. Pharaohs are all ancient, and they cannot fathom modern thought or art. Therefore, they work through Quislings, their human servitors.

Many thousands of years ago, when the Eight Evil Sages decided to rule the world, they created the Pharaohs to serve under them and rule for them. Until that time, glugs were the only people on earth. The Eight Evil Sages created a race of malign warrior slaves (ancestors of “normal” humans), and the Pharaohs to rule them.

When the Eight Evil Sages were defeated by glug heroes, the warrior-slaves went wild and swarmed over the land. The Pharaohs attempted to control them, but without success. Without the support of the Eight Evil Sages, even they could not control the violent, primal natures of the early humans.

Pharaohs are superficially indistinguishable from normal humans. Internally, they have an atrophied immune system, but otherwise the only noticeable difference is the sharp, cartilaginous feeding tube that usually lies hidden beneath a fold of skin on the left wrist.

The pharaohs have perfected psychic mind control techniques, though other trained psychics have also learned them.

Pharaohs masterminded the United Nations to centralize power and thus ease their imminent enslavement of humanity.