Deadly poison can be healing medicine in small amounts, and this dichotomy is reflected in the god whose province is such tinctures. Pharika is the keeper of apothecary knowledge, the source of dark magic. She is also the mother of all gorgons, and their snaky bodies resemble hers.

To those who would oppose her, Pharika is a fearsome enemy, but mortals she favors are hard to kill. She bears a potion cup from which she dispenses draughts that simultaneously strengthen her servants and slay her enemies.

Pharika's dual nature also governs aging—the stretch of life and the approach of death. Stories say that the secretive god has hidden medicinal knowledge within the natural world. None know whether she did so to reward or to toy with mortals who quest to unearth them.

Leeches are sacred to followers of Pharika for drawing poison from a wound, but feared by everyone else for drawing blood from the flesh.

"Some poisons enter through the blood. Some are ingested. Some are inhaled. All ways through which mortals draw strength are paths for poison." -Agathe, priest of Pharika

"The venom cleanses the sickness from your body, but it will not be pleasant, and you may not survive. Pharika's blessings are fickle." -Solon, acolyte of Pharika

"The direst venom becomes a panacea under Pharika's guidance. I bring it to the worthy, clinging at the edge of the abyss."

A servant of Pharika must know countless balms that heal and soothe—and countless more that do the opposite. (Necrobite)

"My adopted children are loved no less." -Pharika, god of affliction (Aspect of Gorgon)

Phenax offers the hope of life, while Pharika grants the solace of death. Between them stands Erebos, who promises nothing but eternity. (Extinguish All Hope)

The serpents' dens built into statues of Pharika serve not only to consecrate her temples, but as a hidden line of defense. (Pharika's Chosen)

Extinguish All Hope, Nyx Infusion, Pharika, God of Affliction