The Pheres roam the wild lands between Setessa and Akros. Their family ties are looser than those of the Lagonna Band, and on some occasions they form large raid hordes to secure resources and new hunting grounds. They are slightly larger than the Lagonna, and they are also quite a bit more savage. Pheres names are often descriptions of a physical feature or the circumstances of an individual's birth.

Unlike the Lagonna, who are ruled by their elders, the Pheres are led by their strongest and most dominant, who is known as the Charger. Each small raiding herd follows a charger, and leadership tends to be stable until the charger ages to the point where he or she can't lead effectively anymore.

Pheres callers are shamans and summoners with the ability to call animals to aid the band and to enchant their allies with animal energies. A caller can be identified by the ornately carved horn he or she carries, called an oulokeros.

Centaur legends say that when the gods first fashioned humans from the red mud of the eldest river, it was Pheres trompers who taught them how to corner and kill prey. Trompers are the feared raiders and warriors of the Pheres Band.

"Who can deny the call to battle when it sings in our blood?"

Trompers are the most feared warriors of the Pheres Band. Anger is their lifeblood. It sustains them and gives them purpose.

The renowned warchiefs of Pheres Band fight with the might of minotaurs and the sagacity of sphinxes.


Pheres-Band Raiders, Pheres-Band Tromper