A phoenix is a bird of flame. In some settings, they are supposedly immortal, burning themselves out, only to reignite in their nests.

In many settings, Phoenixes make their nests within the craters of volcanoes, and lays just one egg during its centuries-long life, at the end of which it plunges itself into the volcano near which it lives. On that day, the egg hatches and a new phoenix is born.

Subtypes and Variants

Akoum FirebirdZendikar
Ashcloud PhoenixTarkir
Blood PhoenixUndead
Boltwing PhoenixEntrath
Crystal PhoenixAvianPoxnora
Everflame PhoenixSolis
Everfrost PhoenixSolis
Shard PhoenixDominia
Skarrgan FirebirdRavnica
Sunsoul PhoenixEntrath
Wildflame PhoenixEntrath

Baby Fenix, Chandra's Phoenix (promo), Chandra's Phoenix, Fenix, Risen from Ashes, Fenix, Flame-Wreathed Phoenix