Port Sarim is a town dominated by its docks; the whole town lies close to the coast and close to all the trade that travellers bring in. It is also filled with people whose histories might include piracy or, at the very least, 'wholesale plunder trading'. Despite the unsavoury underbelly of the town, it is still very friendly - probably because Port Sarim Jail is always ready to accept new inmates.

Anyone looking to travel across the seas for the first time will usually arrive in Port Sarim, ready to negotiate passage to a variety of destinations. Equally, anyone looking to meet their first pirate will probably come here, especially if they want to meet friendly pirates.

The port, being the reason for the town's name, provides much of interest. From the docks that dominate the town, a traveller may make their way to the jungle island of Karamja, pacifist Entrana or the mysterious guthixian Void Knight Outpost. With the arrival of the charter ships, adventurers may find themselves in all manner of ports around Gielinor if they have the funds to support such journeys.

Places in Port Sarim

NameSite Type
Rusty Anchor InnTavern
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