The once mighty human kingdom of Elsarin has been reduced to a wasteland filled with death and chaos. The ancient priest Serkan, more than 2000 years dead, has risen from his grave and called a massive army of the dead preparing to strike out against the living nations of the land.

Following the destruction of Elsarin, the nation of Valdec endured an endless series of plagues and famine killing those not strong enough to withstand the turmoil. In the end, a mysterious disease swept across the land afflicting those who did not die with grotesque mutations. Now fully transformed, the survivors of Valdec embrace their new form as a gift from their Dragon Gods, and work now to rebuild the glory of the nation of Valdec.

The Ironfist mountains north of Old Valdec, the long abandoned ancestral homeland of the dwarves, harbor refugees from the lands surrounding Valdec looking to escape the horrors of the south. Here under the rule of the mighty King Rugolth, they work excavating the ruins of the ancient stronghold, and rebuilding their defenses, preparing for the worst.

Far to the east, in the elven lands of K'thir, an impending civil war has been staved off by the collapse of the tunnels leading to the rival Nefari city, seemingly solving the problem for all eternity. Sensing a great change in the flow of the Nora, the Garu have begun to rally all the creatures of the forest and plains to defend against the impending invasion.

The swamps of Forglar, long known for their isolation from the world, were completely unaffected by the Catastrophe. They continue to practice their ascetic religion and keeping the peace and harmony within their Swamp, where death feeds new life.

Unknown to the rest of the world, within the Shattered Peaks, the Voil have emerged from their remote summit roosts, reclaiming their ancient role as rulers of the Peaks. Despite their history for living in harmony with the cultures around them, the Voil seem bent on war. They subordinate those close at hand, the G'hern, Cyclops and Moga, training them to work together to conquer all others.

Meanwhile far to the north, the frozen kingdom of J'thir, long thought lost to perils of the cataclysmic Separation 2000 years before, was recently rediscovered by explorers from Ironfist. Since then J'orea, the Ice Queen of Jakei has done all she could to prepare her people for the shocking news that they are not alone in the world.

Finally, realizing that their surface-dwelling kin would not be coming to their the rescue, the trapped Nefari began to venture deeper into the tunnels beneath the forest, eventually coming into contact with the demonic civilization in the Underdepths above Sheoul. These Nefari were imprisoned and enslaved by the demons until their will had broken, and they were consumed by hatred for all above ground. These surviving elves, along with their demonic masters, now stand ready to erupt into the world above.


Poxanthuru, or Pox for short, is the largest landmass, holding a majority of the world's known population. Wars on Pox are numerous and savage; conflicts over land are common on this continent. The continent of Majlara lies to the east of Poxanthuru, across the Boiling Sea.

The setting of the Pox Nora online game.

Countries and Realms of Poxnora

Geographical Features on Poxnora

NameGeography Type
Arburis ScarChasm
Boiling SeaSea
Boreal CliffsCliff
Centaur PlainPlain
Chain of MaljaraIsland
Corpse ShoreCoast
Crown of KierganaMountain
Dark MarshSwamp
Dog Meat PassPass
Dunes of ValdecDesert
Emerald LakeLake
Erilmundi OceanOcean
Feedin' PoolSea
Fetid MarshSwamp
Fragile ExpanseBadlands
Gunpowder GladePlain
High Rock
Horns of SheoulVolcano
Lake K'eldrisLake
Lake QuietusLake
Marsh MawSea
Marsh Tongue
Mooneye's FollyCoast
Nora GladeForest
Riemah's GardenJungle
River VotaevRiver
Sea of SeparationSea
Seared ForestForest
Snarling TangleJungle
Soshinharg OceanOcean
Storm LandsBadlands
Tears of JunaiWaterfall
Teeth of the SeaIsland
Thoringard PassPass

Cities on Poxnora

Poxnora Map

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