A tale of Shadow Era

The howl of the wolves chilled the air around Nishaven as he made his way through the forest towards the borders of Layar. At least, he assumed they were wolves. Ever since the fall of King Rothem it was getting harder and harder to tell what creatures were lurking in the trees. He tightened the hooded cloak around his body and pressed deeper into the forest, hopeful to be free of the woods all the sooner. The large beast that stepped into the path before him, however, seemed to be no particular rush to let him escape. Nor did the other three who slipped into sight from the shadows behind Nishaven.

He'd dealt with these things on more occasions than he liked; beasts spewing forth from the Shadow Gates that had been appearing all over his lands. Wulven, they called themselves. The largest of these Wulven surrounding him sniffed the air before speaking. "Trying to run away, little human? Did you think the scent of what you stole wouldn't call to us?"

He sighed softly in frustration as his eyes narrowed onto the creature that had invaded his homeland from another world. It had the audacity to walk through a portal and claim the powers of this world as its own? Were it a man Nishaven might have been convinced to simply scold and send him on his way; but this monster before him was no man. The scolding would need to be much, much more severe. So the Mage reached beneath his cloak, pulling forth the Shadow Crystal the Wulven was hunting, falsely complying with its demands.

Instantly he felt its power hum, the energies within calling to him for release. Nishaven let them flow through him, growing, forming into a force to be reckoned with. The beasts leapt at him ferociously, no doubt praying the closer they got the less likely he could unleash some horrific magic to stop them. As the lightning roared outwards, lashing at each one and incinerating them in a streak of glorious power and light, he spared a moment to wonder if they'd even had time to realize their mistake. Shaking the thought away, he placed the crystal once more in his bag before moving again through the shadows.

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