A String that indicates the primary role(s) that a character follows. It generally indicates how a person fits into a society. Character's classes can generally fall into a limited set of roles:

Adventuring Classes

  • Warrior: a character whose role is to fight physically; a general fighter
    • Paladin: a holy warrior
    • Knight: a warrior belonging to an upper-class, adept at horse combat, and so forth. Samurai are considered knights
    • Ranger: a wilderness warrior who specializes in using the land to his or her advantage; generally lightly armored. Includes wilderness scouts.
    • Hunter: Characters who specialize in hunting and capturing or killing a particular type of foe; also includes bounty hunters. The description should indicate what the character's preferred target is.
    • Soldier: warriors who belong to an organized military unit.
    • Death Knight: A warrior serving evil forces, and wielding unholy powers. Sometimes also called a Blackguard or Anti-Paladin. Frequently undead.
    • Monk: mystical monks, martial artists
    • Gladiator: warriors who fight in an arena for the entertainment of others
    • Gunner: specialist in the use of large guns, such as cannons. Also includes siege weapon specialists and weapons officers.
  • Priest: servants of divine powers, or those who lead the faithful - whether good or evil.
    • Druid: servants of the power of nature
    • Shaman: animist priest, one who serves the spirits
    • Healer: a specialist in healing magic, not necessarily connected to a divine source
  • Mage: characters capable of wielding arcane power from a variety of sources
    • Sorcerer: mages whose power is innate, rather than learned through study
    • Wizard: mages whose power is gained through learning and study.
    • Warlock: Mages who gain power from, and some control over, fiendish beings
    • Alchemist: characters who brew potions or quasi-magical materials
    • Artificer: Creator of magical and techno-magical things
  • Rogue: Characters who use skills and quick wits. Includes thieves and other sorts.
    • Assassin: Characters who kill others through stealth
    • Faceman: Characters who use their natural charisma, persuasion, and bluffing. Con-men and intelligence gatherers
    • Scout: Wilderness explorer, sometimes associated with military units
    • Pirate: One who preys upon others using vehicles. Includes naval pirates, space pirates, and airship pirates.
  • Wheelman: Characters who are adept at driving wheeled vehicles of many sorts. Does not include mounts
    • Mariner: Characters who are particularly adept with naval vessels
    • Pilot: Characters who pilot spaceships or airplanes
  • Psychic: Characters with mental powers and talents
  • Technicians
    • Hacker: Characters who are adept at using electronics or computers
    • Engineer: Designs, builds, and repairs machines. Engineers generally follow standard methods (as opposed to Tinkers, below).
    • Scientist: researcher or specialist
    • Artificer: Creator of magical and magitek apparatuses
    • Tinker: Builders of non-magical contraptions, generally without any real scientific method or approach
  • Entertainers
    • Bard: Musicians and storytellers, sometimes able to use magic as part of their art
    • Dancer:

Society Roles

  • Noble: Member of the upper class. Includes kings, dukes, etc.
  • Government: a member of the government; typically a bureaucrat
  • Advisor: strategists, councilors, diplomats. Sometimes the "power behind the throne"
  • Academic: teachers and researchers
    • Student: students, usually minors
  • Entrepreneur: A character who has started or runs their own business. Includes merchants as well as those offering services.
  • Police: A member of the police force, town guard, etc.
  • Medic: Doctors, nurses, field medics - those who heal others without use of magic.
  • Craftsman: One who makes a living creating or building things. Smiths, masons, etc.
  • Super: superheroes and villains

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