The elusive creature known as the Argent Sphinx was so rare on Mirrodin that most Mirrans believed it a myth. It was said to disappear into the æther the second a creature caught a glimpse of it. A Phyrexian pontiff named Prrackx became obsessed with trapping the sphinx, reasoning that if the goal of compleation was to realize the maximum life form, and there existed another life form that compleated organisms could not conquer, then phyresis was itself was fundamentally flawed. Cast out by his fellow Phyrexians and branded a heretic by Norn's priesthood, Prrackx became obsessed with the Argent Sphinx. Eventually he devised a trap for it and succeeded in freezing its connection between realities. Returning triumphant to Lumengrid with his prize—the sphinx in a cage appearing continually to flicker in and out of existence - Prrackx eventually transposed its essence into himself, and is now spoken about in the same reverent tones as the Sphinx he enslaved.