This intense female cat warrior was a legendary assassin whose ability to kill silently was unrivaled. Although Purraj viewed herself as a leader of her kind, many cat warriors only followed Purraj out of fear. Purraj's last mission, before her disappearance and presumed death, was the guardianship of the captured mage Mangara and his jail, the amber prison.

Purraj's tone is clipped - not due to an isolationist attitude, but because she dislikes extraneous babble. She is a killer, and a quiet one at that!

Purraj sang slaughter and danced death. (Song of Blood)

"The protection offered comes at a price. How numerous are your kin?" -Purraj of Urborg (Bone Mask)

"As you breathe your last, understand why I accept such forbidden gifts." -Purraj of Urborg (Dark Privilege)

"Death is not a debt I am yet willing to pay." -Purraj of Urborg (Regeneration)

"Tell me ... have you ever sung the Song of Blood?" -Purraj of Urborg (Blind Fury)