The plane of quasi-elemental ash is the depletion of warmth and fire. The transition from the plane of Elemental Fire occurs in a region of cooling temperature and the dusty remains of burned materials hanging in the atmosphere. At the edge of the plane of Fire, the flames flicker and die, and from them cooling ashes rise. A little farther on and the air grows thicker, and farther still the burnt earth beneath gives way. At first, the ash swirls in tendrils around a being. Then, before he knows it, a visitor is swimming in an ocean of ash. The red glow of distant fire fades, warmth turns to chill, and the air is choked with charcoal soot. Finally, the ash thickens to a grey dusty wall, beyond which lies the plane of Negative Energy.

The plane is bone-chillingly cold. The plane of Ash sucks the heat from any creature that enters.