The plane of quasi-elemental dust represents the crumbling of Elemental Earth as it loses cohesion. The earth and stone become looser, and the restrictive nature of the plane of Earth is eased, so that a character can swim through the plane as if through loose sand. At the border of the plane of Earth, this plane starts as a dusty expanse, broken free of the endless caverns. Close to the Negative Energy it becomes an abrasive sea that chafes as a traveler swims through the grit.

The motes of earth still glow, but they are dimmer and farther apart. Finally, the dispersing motes of dust end completely in a wall of solid darkness at the border with the plane of Negative Energy.

The plane of Dust attacks the cohesiveness of all solid materials. Even a traveler's body will begin to break up, eventually dissipating into nothingness.