The plane of Quasielemental Minerals is the most varied and intricate of stonework and crystals. From the border with Elemental Earth, the veins of crystals and metal-bearing ore become thicker and richer, until they dominate the surrounding earth. The planes becomes filled with balk marble naturally polished to a mirrored shine, interlaced with veins of gold, gems and crystals that catch the inner glow of the earth itself. The crystals and gems become more fragile and delicate and seem to hum with a life of their own. Finally, at the border with the Positive Energy plane, the crystals shatter from the energy within and the plane ends in a great cliff face, beyond which lies the bounty of pure positive energy

Of all the quasi-planes, the plane of Minerals is the one that attracts the most adventurous soul looking to make a quick gold piece. Avaricious souls imagine an entire plane filled with diamond crystals and pure precious metals.

Reality isn't as pretty. While the plane of minerals is filled with these wonders, getting them is not as easy. First, moving through the plane is similar to moving through Elemental Earth. In addition, many of the crystals are razor-sharp, cutting any unwary traveler while they dig through. Finally, many pockets of metal ore make tunneling more challenging.

The natives also take a dim view of large-scale mining, and visitors who remove more than a handful of gems will alert the natives. Quasi-elemental guides will abandon anyone who takes too much. To make matters worse, many of the crystals are fragile, and will shatter if removed from the plane.

Another hazard of the plane is fossilization. Visitors may find themselves transforming to minerals themselves.

There's more on the plane than just riches, too. At the very edge of the Positive Energy Plane stands the Tower of Lead. Here, it's said, is the greatest forge in all the multiverse. Mostly the place is empty, but sometimes a master craftsman risks all to do his work here.