Radha originally helped Teferi heal the time rifts, though she was always driven to return to her people. Later, Jeska captured her, forcing Radha to close the Zhalfir and Yavimaya rifts. No longer possessing her Planeswalker spark, she returned to her people as their warlord.

Radha is half elf, half Keldon.

"Run home, cur. I've already taken your master's head. Don't make me thrash you with it."

Radha was born in Skyshroud, but her temper is undeniably Keldon. (Undying Rage)

"I hope to have such a death -lying in triumph upon the broken bodies of those who slew me." -Radha, Keldon warlord (Fatal Frenzy)

Radha Heir to Keld