Rafiq is the Grand-Champion of Sigils, Knight-Captain of the Reliquary. The highest-ranking Sigiled in all of Bant, he has attained so many sigils that he is known as Rafiq of the Many. A noble and pure warrior, he is apaladin of the highest calling. While holding true to Bantian ideals, Rafiq is friendly and open, an inspiration rather than a judge, having never forgotten his own lowly birth as a Mortar, the son of a baker.

Rafiq participates in most of the major battles fought in Bant, though which side he champions depends on the delicate balance of all the interests of his sigils. It is not unusual for him to fight for one side one day, and the other the next, as the merits of each side's conflict's claims require.

Many sigils, one purpose. (Rafiq)

"His body belongs to Bant now. His soul? I honestly don't know. I expect it belongs to the angels." -Rafiq of the Many (Offering to Asha)

"Those talons really dig into your skin, but it's better than being dropped." -Rafiq of the Many (Welkin Guide)

"Even in single combat, I am never alone." -Rafiq of the Many (Angelic Benediction)

"Leotau that were born wild make the best mounts. It's like riding a thunderstorm." -Rafiq of the Many (Wild Leotau)

Rafiq of the Many