This human and elvish ore-mining operation surrounds Raimunza Falls, a raging torrent of water that cascades off the southern side of the Na Plateau. The huge waterfall is used to propel log-and-pulley winches that raise and lower the miners and their hard-won treasures. They honeycomb the cliff face with crude, shallow, hand-drilled caverns, racing up or down the face of the plateau while dodging the tailing tossed down by other miners.

Any cave left unattended for long is taken by giant wasps for the laying of their young. The normally solitary hunters would attack the miners, but the huge number of possible egg chambers tends to draw wasps during their spawning phase when they eat less. The wasps fill their fireproof nests with deadly acid-spewing larvae that live there until they grow wings. After they've left, the humans can collect the metals laid bare by their acid.