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Rath was Yawgmoth’s ever-expanding plane of flowstone, a small pocket plane attached to Dominaria, like a moon hidden in the shadow of a planet. The origins of everything that's native to the plane of Rath have been lost to time, thanks to the meddling of Yawgmoth and his evincars. It is a giant jigsaw puzzle, made up of pieces of other worlds thrown together like a patchwork quilt. However, living in this world has made even the most civilized races harsh.

Rath was an artificial plane created as an invasion device by Phyrexia. Its planar matter was comprised of stolen pieces of other planes, including Dominaria, held together by an artificial Phyrexian substrate called flowstone. Phyrexia appointed an "evincar" to ensure that Rath's development progressed on schedule; at various times Davvol, Volrath, and the vampire Crovax were all evincars of Rath.

The main feature of Rath was the evincar's stronghold at its center, which functioned both as a fortress and a flowstone factory. The stronghold and the mountain in which it was situated held numerous perils, including a hive of slivers and their queen, the necromantic Death Pits, and Volrath's carnivorous gardens.

Much of the plane was composed of Flowstone, the malleable stuff of Rath's very firmament. The land itself is unstable, and there is always a distinct possibility that the ground you walk on will attack you.

A dimensional barrier envelops the entirety of Rath, hanging about a thousand feet above the world's scarred surface. The barrier appears as a roiling sky of crackling energy that dwarfs any mundane thunderstorm. Rath is sunless, so this barrier provides enough dim light to see. Creatures or crafts that venture too high into this "sky" are violently ripped apart or drawn into the barrier and cast out into the world of shadows. Be warned: the barrier is unstable, and can drop from its usual height all the way down to ground level. This sudden instability creates an energy release that opens portals to Dominaria that drag people, plants, and buildings from Dominaria into Rath. Those fortunate enough to escape the pull of this deadly phenomenon tell horror stories about their brief glimpse of the hellish landscape for the rest of their lives.

The leading edges of flowstone push against the dimensional barrier that forms the boundaries of this pocket plane.

Countries and Realms of Rath (Dominia)

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