Clever and cruel, Rathe hunts the humans like a great cat stalks its prey. His family line – the Syneri – were nearly obliterated in the last war against Corinth, and they have spent two hundred years preparing for the day they can take their revenge for the atrocities committed upon them by humankind. Once he was betrothed to Alia, and destined to rule House Rowan, but with Rowan’s exile, his love has turned to hatred. He led the elves to destroy all sympathizers of Rowan that remained behind when Alia left Myreth, and has relentlessly purged the Elven nation of her allies. He is the most dangerous of all Elven Hunters – no prey escapes him, neither animal… or man.

Like a shadow slipping across the field of battle, Rathe moves from fight to fight with ease. His opponents cannot afford to become tired for even a moment, for that is the time that Rathe will slide up behind them, and with a knife between the ribs, demonstrate the Elven view on revenge.

“I have dreamed of a thousand new paths... a thousand new means of revenge...”

For too long, I slept the ageless sleep of the dead only to awaken at the first taste of blood upon Elven ground. I have dreamed of new paths... and dark lores of revenge.

"Even dragons have eyes." - Rathe (Precise Shot)

"All life is precious. Alia understood that, Rathe. Her father did once, too. If you loved her, how can you not?" (Sedayah Rowan)

"Rathe was sworn to Alia, and pledged to Rowan... until Tepheroth condemned the House. Now his love has turned to hate, and fire to ice." - Fethinos (Inferno)

"Remember, Alia, that love is no part of the final dream. Love ages and withers in darkness; it is a great hunger, and passion can be cruel." - Rathe (Phonstone)

"Forever, gentle Alia of Rowan. You have given me life. Your blood now runs through the veins of us both," Rathe whispered in her mind, "and by the strength of your heart, we shall find life eternal."

"Everyone's so frightened of Rathe, but I tell you this: without that human forged dagger of his... he's nothing." -Logan Ebonwoulfe (Weapon Focus)


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