Doc Branson, the "Good Doctor" of Gomorra.

He's gonna be busy in the next few hours. Yes, indeed.

My best guess, Mr. Klippstein. Somethin' crawled up into those fancy pipes of yours and died. -Doc Branson (Faulty Pipes)

Sure, you're screaming now. But think how slick you'll look with one of those new-fangled stump extensions! -Doc Branson (Crippled)

Now then, son, let's have a look at that - ooh it's a nasty one, isn't it?

Well, he's suffered severe lacerations to the face and hands, and his ear drums have burst... -Doc Branson (Screamers)

No, really. A lion could make those wounds... -Doc Branson (It Was a Mountain Lion)

They have ta suck it ta get it out of ya... and I'd rather kick than let Doc Branson put his slobbery lips on my shin. (Snakebite)

Stop squealing, you big baby. It barely broke the skin. -Doc Branson (Just a Graze)